Erase all data Blackberry Torch 9800

Wipe data Blackberry 9800 – One time a device will be sluggish performance when the stored data is more and more ,  it is necessary to wipe the data to make your Blackberry into a fast performance. You can do a wipe data manually , but do not forget to do a backup first to store data that you think is important .

Manual factory reset for Blackberry torch

Wipe data Blackberry 9800:

  1. On screen select All menu
  2. Select Options
  3. Select Security (Password, encryption, firewall)
  4. Select Security Wipe (Delete data, files or applications)
  5. Select Data for wiping, check that you want to erase;
    • Emails, Contacts, etc (All application data will be lost! You will not be able to send or receive email on this device after you wipe it.)
    • User Installed Applications (All applications that you have loaded will be removed from your device.)
    • Media Card
  6. Confirm write “blackberry” 
  7. Click Wipe Data
  8. Wait until process done
  9. Blackberry will reboot
  10. Finished






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